The Best Lullaby is the one
that is born from the heart

The first Lullaby 

From the womb, the first sound the baby senses is the heartbeat of his mother. This sound, rhythmical and natural, is the first lullaby the baby listens and establishes a link between mother and son that last even the birth.

The best lullaby

After birth, when bringing the ear to the breast of his mother, the baby senses again this sound that has accompanied him for 40 weeks. The heat of his mother’s sking and her smell will be recorded in his memory. And the remembrance of the heartbeat will carry the baby to a state of tranquility like the one that lives inside the womb.

The beginning of a history

This sensory memory helps the baby to create bonds that we want to promote and take care of with our technology. Lulla was born with the intention of overcoming all obstacles and making that bond established between mother or father and child endure despite even the distance that could separate them.

This is Lulla

Lulla is a bear with a beautiful and surprising story behind her. Although on the outside it is a simple teddy bear, it has the ability to reproduce the mother’s heartbeat in real time, wherever it is, thanks to its proven technology.


All the technology that allows to recreate something as natural as the heartbeat of the mother or father, and in real time, is contained in a small device that combines innovation and design, with simple operation.

Your heart 

Because it is your heart that beats along with your child’s, the smartband included in the complete pack and connected to our app, collects your heartbeat and Lulla reproduces them as sound and vibration in real time.

A story of two

Lulla has a sensitive microphone that, thanks to our algorithm, differentiates changes in breathing from ambient sound and, if the child wakes up, sends a signal to our app. Thus, at the same time that the baby feels his mother’s heartbeat, the mother feels her son’s breath in the form of vibration on her smartphone. Because this is a story of two.


Technological innovation and careful design. Each 

detail, each functionality, each element thought to create a 

unique experience.


A powerful but small subwoofer reproduces the sound; and an electro-mechanical device the vibration of the heartbeat that Lulla receives in real time. It also has a sensitive microphone that allows automatic activation when the child wakes up. 



A single button to manage the basic functionalities of the device and five LEDs that ingeniously provide all the necessary information. And for more advanced features, an app designed by us.


energy-efficient WiFi connection for receiving information wherever the transmitter is and bluetooth for synchronization and configuration from our app.

Measures and Materials

Using the same materials that the sector uses for baby food products, all the technology is enclosed in a cylinder 4cm in diameter and 12cm long, which has passed all the tightness, impact resistance and toxicity tests.



Its materials and its compact and streak-free design, its electronic components and its radio frequencies. No detail has been left unstudied, tested and certified.



Lithium-ion battery that allows the device to work in passive mode for 24 hours and in active mode for more than 2.5 hours. And all this after a full 4-hour charge through the standard microusb port.

“The Best Lullaby is the one that is born from the heart”.

Our own app 

Lulla is controlled from our own app, designed for iPhone and Android, looking for a pleasant experience from the moment you access your home screen. Available for free on the App Store and GooglePlay.

Manage it all from here

With a simple and intuitive interface, you can activate and deactivate the measurement and sending of your heartbeat while monitoring your baby’s breathing. Because this is a story of two.

and customize every function

And in addition to the most basic functionalities, if you want you can fully customize the experience by adjusting each and every one of the parameters of your Lulla device. And all from the app.

Also designed to your Apple Watch

We have created an app specially designed for Apple Watch that offers new functionalities such as the possibility of controlling activation and deactivation directly from your wrist and feeling your child in their own skin thanks to Lula’s microphone and the smartwatch vibrator with which we recreate the frequency breathing of the child.


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